Homeland Bank | Debit Cards

Personal Identification Number (PIN)
Upon approval you will be given your debit card alone with a personal identification. You are responsible for the proper control in your use of the card and pin. We must be notified immediately if you believe your card has been lost or stolen. For your protection, you should keep your PIN secret and not write it on the card or keep it any place where it may be found with the card.

Limitations of Transactions
For security reasons, there are limitations on the dollar amounts of transactions. Cash withdrawals at an ATM machine are limited to $205 per day. Retail purchases, including point-of sale transactions where you utilize your PIN are limited and will be determined at the time of approval.

Types of Transactions
You may use your Debit Card (Visa Check Card) at automated teller machines (ATM) and VISA merchants throughout the country. However some of these functions may not be available at all terminals.

Please see one of our new accounts representatives to apply for your Debit Card (Visa Check Card). We will be happy to assist you and go over any charges that may apply with the use of this card.

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